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The Dhungwana Chronicles

The High Yield Vector




New spy fiction novel - The High Yield Vector: A Fast Paced Spy Thriller (Mark Savannah Espionage Series Book 2)

"Once again, Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer delivered an epic spy thriller guaranteed to give lovers of the genre an amazing reading experience. The High Yield Vector (Mark Savannah Espionage Series Book 2) is the ultimate making of spy stories as they should be told; espionage, greed, and the ultimate clash of intelligence agencies. Although the book is spy-themed, which it delivers excellently, it also honors the selfless dedication of humanitarian workers who constantly risk their own lives and give all they can to deliver desperately needed aid to those - especially in third world countries - whose lives have been devastated by poverty, disease and war."

Excerpt from Review by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite



The High Yield Vector: A Fast Paced Spy Thriller (Mark Savannah Espionage Series Book2)

Black Hawk Day Rewind: Mark Savannah Espionage Series Book 1..."Science and espionage in a fast moving novel"

Review By Patrick Clark (Amazon Review)


"This is a different kind of spy novel tying the present and the future together. I enjoyed the fusion of science and espionage in this unique story line that combines medicine, psychiatry, nanotechnology, and computer science with the action sequences of the two super-spies who work against each other, at least in the beginning. The authors' prose has an interesting cadence that moves a rather complicated story along quickly. Treachery, intrigue, and a touch of romance come together to make this a worthwhile and enjoyable read."



The High Yield Vector: A Fast Paced Spy Thriller 

(Mark Savannah Espionage Series Book2)


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Former British intelligence agent Mark Savannah escapes the international arrest warrant hanging over his head by taking refuge among the Tuareg of Mali. In 2008 the resurgence of fighting in the North of the country causes him to change his plans, forcing him into hiding in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he works undercover as a doctor. As he tries to survive the widespread corruption in the country, Mark witnesses the devastating and deadly effects of a transgenic plant project and again faces his mortal enemy, finding himself at the centre of a clash between several countries’ intelligence services as they fight for control of the territory and its markets.





The High Yield Vector: A Fast Paced Spy Thriller.

By Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer © 2015




Sterling Gate Books's review of Dhungwana 2117 - "Recommended reading!"

Guaranteed to please!

Dhungwana 2117 is a unique post-Apocalyptic, science fiction, fantasy novel that left this reader wanting more. It’s also an intriguing mix of genres guaranteed to please.

2117 is the year this tale is set, Dhungwana is the only inhabitable land left on Earth and it is ruled by the all powerful Federal Communities. It’s here that Ian and Dayla are enjoying busy, fulfilling lives – until they learn some home truths: he discovers Dhungwana’s food source has been tampered with while she uncovers sensitive information about the corporation she works for.

Throw in the deaths of two colleagues and what follows is a fast-moving account worthy of any thriller. Ian and Dayla are forced to fight for their very survival. In the process, they find some unlikely allies.

Recommended reading!


This review is from: Dhungwana 2117 - The Dhungwana Chronicles (2117-3451) Part 1 (Kindle Edition).



Dhungwana 2117 - The Dhungwana Chronicles (2117-3451) Part 1..."an exciting adventure"

Reviewed By Dr. Oliva Dsouza for Readers’ Favorite
Dhungwana 2117 by Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer is a sci-fi thriller about life on earth in the year 2117. The world as we know it has ceased to exist and has become a borderless piece of dry land surrounded by oceans. This piece of land is called Dhungwana, which is divided into districts. Dhungwana has a set of rules and principles that all the people need to follow to advance and earn their place among the communities. Dayla and Ian are one such couple who enjoy a great reputation, status and position in the communities that make up district 604. They work for the BlueGray Corporation, which is among the seven most important private groups in the world and has several industrial divisions. They live a happy life until some aberrations make them suspect the reality of things around them. Are the corporation and the government following their own rules or is this only meant to keep people under control? Is Dhungwana ready for a revolution?

The Dhungwana Chronicles is an exciting adventure that will keep you engrossed and impatiently waiting for the next part in the series. Dayla and Ian grow on you and one can't help but want them to somehow discover the truth about the reality at Dhungwana. The humans, humanoids, robots, and hi-tech gadgets in the book sound very realistic and make one wonder whether the human race is responsible enough to handle technology ethically and appropriately. Will evil really triumph over good some day and life as we know today become something totally different?



Dhungwana 2117 - The Dhungwana Chronicles (2117-3451) Part 1..."a captivating sci-fi novel "

Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite - 5 Stars
In Dhungwana 2117 by Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer, Ian and Dayla, like any other person living in Dhungwana, were used to the restrictive but productive system whose ultimate goal was the common good of the entire community. Dayla, a financial analyst, was shocked when she accidentally came across information suggesting that Dhungwana might be controlled by a group whose end game was contrary to the common-good theory that was endlessly preached. Dhungwana was run by a system that allowed the authorities to monitor and, when necessary, manipulate everything - food, metabolism, stress, sex life, social interactions, memory ... name it and the government was controlling it. Ian and Dayla's suspicions were further aroused when they noticed a couple of strange deaths with explanations that did not add up. When they finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together, they could not believe the kind of future the Federal Communities had planned for Dhungwana, a future that threatened the very survival of the human race. Something had to be done to stop this threat.

Dhungwana 2117 by Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer is a captivating sci-fi novel that combines a unique and truly fascinating plot and compelling characters to deliver a true sci-fi thriller. I especially loved how Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer portrayed both the human and nonhuman characters, giving each a unique persona that added something extra to the story. The intriguing setting of the story was another exciting factor of the novel that completely blended in with the whole plot and perfectly fitted in every time a new part of the plot was added. Dhungwana 2117 will make a thrilling read for fans of the sci-fi genre, with a dose of romance and hi-tech action.


New science fiction novel ‘Dhungwana 2117 - The Dhungwana Chronicles (2117- 3451) Part 1’

Authors Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer take readers on a roller coaster journey in a new world where "I belong, ergo sum" is the dictum of the Federal Communities and the social reputation index is the central pillar of their society.


The year is 2117. Dhungwana, the only remaining dry land on the planet Earth, is governed by the Federal Communities. Humanity, organized through a strict social reputation index, lives to the dictum "I belong, ergo sum".
Ian and Dayla,
the main characters, have a brilliant social life until Dayla accidentally intercepts classified financial data concerning her employer, the BlueGray Corporation, while Ian identifies genetic modifications that have appeared in one of Dhungwana’s main food sources. As a result, their lives and social reputations become complicated and their crystalline everyday life is filled with an obsessive and terrifying sense of déjà vu. The deaths of two distinguished colleagues, hastily dismissed by the authorities, force Ian and Dayla to open their eyes and discover their only allies are the banned of Dhungwana, and their only option is to fight against the reality of a world that is no longer theirs. It is a fight for the survival of the human race.

Black Hawk Day Rewind - Baibin Nighthawk, Dominick Fencer

Mark Savannah has already lived two lives and now he is looking for a third, but he is trapped by a past he can’t escape.
Professor Zimmermann of the University of Buenos Aires has warned him: "They have been able to cover up the whole affair and destroy all the evidence".
Mark has discovered an extraordinary secret hidden deep in CIA director Colonel Reed's past and in the neural transplant operations of Biosketch Technologies Inc., a biotech company set up by Reed.
Mark came into contact with Biosketch Technologies Inc. and the diabolical Project “Transtem 1.1″ while studying civilian and military neural transplant patients. As Mark attempts to uncover the truth, he is pursued by Anaïs Degann, a CIA agent with orders to terminate him.
Project “Transtem 1.1″ is just the tip of the iceberg of Reed’s dark plans and, in order to get his life back, Mark has to break the ties connecting Colonel Reed with Colonel Kozlov of the Russian counterintelligence service. Reed’s links to Russian intelligence threaten to compromise international security and Mark must stop him at all costs.